Former Lincoln radio host sentenced to probation

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Matthew Rydberg, formally known as Matt McKay on KFRX, has been sentenced to probation after taking a plea deal in a case of felony strangulation.

Rydberg was arrested on April 21 on charges of felony strangulation following an incident that involved Rydberg assaulting a woman. The assault was witnessed by two people.

According to court records, Rydberg accepted a plea deal in July, pleading from felony strangulation to misdemeanor domestic assault – intentionally causing bodily injury.

On Tuesday, Rydberg was sentenced to two-years probation. Rydberg was also sentenced to 90-days in jail in 3, 30-day increments, if he does not comply with probation.

Rydberg plead guilty to the lesser charge and was found guilty by the judge.

The charge is a third-degree domestic assault and carries a penalty of up to 1-year in prison, a $1,000 fine or both.

Rydberg moved to Lincoln from Seattle in 1999 and spent the better part of two decades as a morning DJ on the KFRX radio station.

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