RECAP: Former President Bill Clinton speaks in Lincoln

Published: Mar. 2, 2016 at 4:35 PM CST
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Former President Bill Clinton spoke on Friday at the Lincoln Station Great Hall for nearly 45 minutes on behalf of his wife, Hillary Clinton, leading up to the Democratic Caucus on March 5.

Prior to Bill Clinton coming to the podium, Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

"We need common sense, we need Hillary," Beutler said.

The 42nd president laid out Hillary Clinton’s plans to raise wages and break down the barriers that exist for too many families.

Also, Clinton spoke about his wife's prior success and her plans for the future.

He said that making broadband accessible to people, especially in rural areas, is important. He also touched on gun control.

"It is crazy not to have universal background checks," Clinton said. "99 percent of hunters agree with me."

Another topic he touched on was paid leave, saying that it is important and helps raise incomes.

Near the end of the speech, Clinton made his final pitch to Nebraska voters.

"If you want us to rise should vote for the best change for Hillary tomorrow," he said.