Former dog rescue owner ticketed for animal neglect

Published: Sep. 3, 2019 at 10:36 PM CDT
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Wednesday a woman who owned a Lancaster County dog rescue is set to appear in court on a misdemeanor animal neglect charge.

Kandice Bremer has pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The investigation started months ago and includes the Nebraska Department of Agriculture.

Department of Agriculture records show Kandice Bremer owned All Hounds on Deck dog rescue. She is accused of letting dogs live in unsanitary and unsafe conditions.

Now the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office says it’s located eight dogs under the group's care that sustained severe medical problems.

All Hounds on Deck just outside Lincoln is now closed but the Department of Agriculture was alerted to problems in March of 2018.

Pictures obtained through a Department of Agriculture open records request shows piles of feces, trash and rats in the kennels.

The report also says that “Dogs are not being cared for during work hours during the day” and under “Dogs observed to be in good condition” the report says “No.”

Jennifer Munson is a former foster parent to dogs from All Hounds on Deck.

“They were told that they were going to be rescued,” said Munson. “Then they were underfed and they were sick and then they were left to just perish it seems like.”

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office ticketed Bremer for one count of animal neglect. A criminal complaint says it happened between February 2018 and May of this year.

LSO Captain John Vik says it’s taken months to locate the dogs and put together what happened, as many were moved to other organizations for care.

“These medical conditions consisted of bites, lacerations, some skin infections, a pregnancy and some other malnutrition and nutritional neglect that were visible to the eye,” said Captain Vik.

Munson says she along with another group from Omaha helped move the dogs when she says conditions were deemed unfit to continue as a rescue organization.

“There was some evidence in the main barn where a majority of the dogs were housed that something had been rinsed off and there were watery blood puddles all over,” said Munson. “At some point there was some effort to clean up before we got there that day.”

The Sheriff’s office says as the investigation continues that more information and citations could come.

Munson says she has seen a few of the dogs since they were removed from the facility.

“They’re all thriving now,” said Munson. “They’re all in places where they are receiving the amount of veterinary care they deserved all along.”

10/11 made several attempts to get in contact with Bremer, but she did not respond. Her court hearing is Wednesday at 9 a.m.