Former church building is seed and supply store

Meyer Seed and Supply sells everything from nuts and bolts to batteries, out of an old church building in Ohiowa.

"This church was actually a running church for 125 years," store co-owner Jodi Meyer said. "In 2009, it disbanded. My husband's family had gone to church here for generations. We just didn't have enough members. My grandparents had a hardware store in town for 55 years. They retired, and asked us if we wanted to buy the business. At the time, my husband and I didn't want to. But we soon discovered it was hard to buy hardware locally, so we started a store out of an old building on our farm, but then moved it to the church. We didn't want to see the church get torn down."

Meyer says the business keeps growing. It's a family affair. "The person we call 'boss' is grandma. She's 93, and she's my husband's mother. She's in here day in and day out, from 7 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. On Saturdays, she's usually here from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Her name is Dorothy Meyer," Jodi Meyer said. You'll often catch her in the store making quilts. "All three of our children help run the store, too," Meyer said.

The business got started about 10 years ago, and Meyer says they find there is a need for this type of business in town. "There's a lot of farmers around here, and driving 20 or 30 miles for a small part is not really economically sound for them. We just try to keep the prices down, keep business local, and bring people into the town if we can," Meyer said. "We've grown from basic nuts and bolts to a little bit of everything."