Former custodian accused of stealing 11 musical instruments from Salvation Army

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Lincoln Police have arrested a former custodian at the Salvation Army Youth Center for reportedly stealing 11 musical instruments from the building and pawning them.

LPD said the thefts took place in early August, but Brenton Mitchell, 58, was arrested at his home Sunday for the crimes.

Police said Mitchell, who is no longer employed as a custodian at the Salvation Army, stole 5 clarinets, a flugelhorn, an alto horn, 2 baritones, and a tuba.

LPD said they ran serial numbers through a national database and learned four of the instruments had been locally pawned and 1 was pawned in Indiana.

The instruments are valued at $7,790. Police said five of them have been found, but six are still missing.