Foster Grandparent program is seeking additional volunteers

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The Foster Grandparent Program has an incredible impact on the children enrolled in Community Action's Head Start programs. And Head Start ensures that our Lincoln's youngest and most vulnerable children are prepared for success in kindergarten.

Jana Singleton is a foster grandparent who embraces the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child, "They bring excitement into my life and I think about them when I am not on site."

Frances Breedlove treasures the time she gets to spend with toddlers and babies, "When I rock them and they recognize me and then they give me the little hugs and pinches."

Truth be told, this program usually benefits the seniors just about as much as it does the children.

Frances would recommend becoming a foster grandparent to anyone, "It gives them something to do, get out of the house and get away from the depression. Because you get depressed sittin' around the house all day."

Georgann Roth says that the foster grandparent program is in need of some new volunteers and if you're interested in a new adventure contact Georgann at (402) 875-9320 or visit