Four sworn into AmeriCorps for dedication in education

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. Four local volunteers were sworn into AmeriCorps today.

Each of them worked hard within their school districts between assisting the students in improving their grades, helping them understand the importance of education and becoming a role model.

“We try to help and be there for them,” said Maria Rios, Sworn into AmeriCorps. “They often tell you stuff that they won't normally tell their teacher or their friends. It is usually about what is going on in school and we try to help them understand that education is really important."

They put in their volunteer hours and was sworn in by Judge Worden. For one volunteer, she says she likes to make a difference in each of the students’ lives.

“I have a son that struggles with school,” said Rios. “I know it was hard for him. He was a premature baby and he has some learning disabilities. I know his struggles so I wanted to do something for my community and help another child.”

While in AmeriCorps, each member received a monthly stipend and are eligible for a Segal Education Award. The