Fred Zwonechek retires after 44 years at state highway office

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LINCOLN, Neb. — Loyal 10/11 viewers first started seeing Fred Zwonechek popping up on their TV screens back in the 1970's. And from the very beginning of his career, Fred's passion for helping to keep his fellow Nebraskan's alive and healthy was quite evident as he became the face of highway safety in Nebraska.

Fred started working in the safety office in 1974, "To be effective you have to be passionate in this business, you know you come to work everyday it's not money, grants, you're actually saving lives and preventing injuries and that's our ultimate goals."

It was that passion that propelled Fred into the leadership role in the highway safety office in 1981, "We do make a difference if we can get people to pay attention and do the right things behind the wheel."

This 1965 graduate of Dewitt High School retired at the end of this past year after serving Nebraska for the past 44 years, "It's been very gratifying because I've obviously worked with a lot of victims, people who have been victimized by drunk drivers who've lost family members because the didn't use seat belts."

Fred says he'll also try to spend some time working on his classic car collection and because he's spent most of his vacation time throughout the years working with other state leaders on traffic safety...he also plans to catch up on his fishing in 2019.