Fresh roasted coffee in the Panhandle

Published: May. 11, 2020 at 10:04 AM CDT
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The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well in a Panhandle business where the owner specializes in "single origin" coffee.

During a visit to Mitchell, we talked with Isaac Holbrook about his business called I & L Coffee Roasters. The "I" stands for Isaac, and the "L" stands for his wife's name, Lacey. Isaac says he got involved with coffee while attending college in Wisconsin. "I started with a little air popper, and did little batches at a time," Holbrook said. "I finally got a commercial roaster, and it just kind of compounded. Coffee is a lot more complex than people think. There's a lot that goes into how you heat it, and the length that you heat it can change the flavor profiles."

Holbook does what is called "air roasting". This process circulates air through the beans. "There's also drum roasting, but I do the air-roasting route," Holbrook said. "We've seen quite a bit of drive-through business, because there are many cars that pass by our store each day. I'm getting more wholesale business, too." Holbrook sells his coffee at some area grocery stores.

Isaac and Lacey Holbrook work together in this family business. Holbrook says he likes having a business in a smaller community like Mitchell. "It used to be people were going to the cities, but I think many younger people are going back to their hometowns, and starting their own businesses," Holbrook said. "I like the sense of community in Nebraska, and here in the Panhandle. Everyone helps each other out, and everyone is super nice."

I & L Coffee Roasters offers all sorts of coffee drinks, but Holbrook believes the Americano shows off the flavor of his coffees the best. If you would like to know more about this business, check them out on Facebook.

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