Frontier jail still stands today

Residents in the Arthur County community of Arthur enjoy giving tours of the old-time jail in the town's city park.

It was built in 1915, right around the time of the original courthouse. It was used until 1962, when a new jail was put in place. There are a number of stories about the kinds of people who spent time in the jail. There is even one story about a man who escaped from the jail, and was later charged with more crimes due to the jailbreak. Local residents say it's interesting to note that the jail was actually used until 1962. "Under conditions now, they could not keep people in there," Arthur resident Carolyn Cerny said. "When you see the wooden slats, and no facilities, it was quite a deal."

The jail is just used as a tourist attraction now, and if you'd like to check it out, just drive to the town park for a look.