Homecoming brings excitement, new challenges for Frost

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LINCOLN, Neb. – It’s official. The University of Nebraska football program is under new leadership.

Former Husker quarterback Scott Frost was introduced as the next head coach by Athletic Director Bill Moos at a press conference on Sunday afternoon.

Frost comes to Nebraska after two highly successful seasons as the head coach at UCF, where he guided the Golden Knights to a perfect 12-0 season in 2017, and an 18-7 record in two seasons in Orlando.

The 42-year-old fielded questions and spoke about his vision for a struggling Nebraska program. He emphasized hard work, discipline, and passion.

‘“I played here, I understand it. I saw the best of this place. I also saw some hard times that maybe other people hadn’t,” Frost said. “Watching it from afar, I am not sure that passion was unified. It is my hope that my return will help (the program) get back to its roots. Maybe we can get that passion pointed in the right direction.”

Frost, who won a national championship with Nebraska in 1997, said he briefly met with some members of the current team, saying he "saw a lot of fire in their eyes."

"I saw a group that was excited. I let them know a lot of things are going to change, but it is going to be a fun process," he added.

Frost and Moos briefly discussed the process of bringing the former Husker to Lincoln. Moos, who said the program got the “pick of litter” by landing Frost, added he did not offer the job to anyone besides the newest head coach.

“We all know he has a passion for Nebraska. We know he is a very, very good football coach,” Moos said. “He has great integrity, he has great morals. He cares about his players.”

Frost commented about the Husker job being open in 2014, saying he did not get a call about the position.

"I wasn’t considered for the job and I am glad I wasn’t. I didn’t get a phone call and I am glad I didn’t. The pieces are in place now," he said.

In the near future, it is unclear whether Frost will coach UCF in its final game of the season, which will be against Auburn on Jan. 1. Frost said he hopes to be on the sideline for the Knights, but will focus on recruiting over the next few weeks, and see how it all plays out.

It has also not been determined how much of Frost’s staff from UCF will be making the trip to Lincoln, although a majority of his assistant coaches will likely make the jump.

“I am going to take a little time. The staff I hired at UCF is a great group of men that have unbelievable character,” he said. “A lot of coaches think when they get a bigger job think they need to hire some different people. But the guys who helped us win (at UCF) can help us win here.”

So far, three UCF coaches have changed their Twitter bios to read as members of the Huskers’ staff.

They include quarterbacks coach Mario Verduzco, offensive line coach Greg Austin, and director of player personnel Sean Dillon.

Frost also touched on topics such as recruiting more in-state talent, reviving the walk on program, and the contributions made by former Nebraska Head Coach Tom Osborne and former wide receiver Matt Davison on bringing him to Lincoln.

“Coach has been a mentor to me my whole life. He definitely played a part in this.”

The hiring rounds out an eventful year for Frost, who not only led UCF to an undefeated season and accepted a job at a Big Ten school, but also welcomed his first child.

And while a major challenge lies ahead of him, Frost seemed confident in his ability return his alma matter to greatness.

“This is home, and I can’t think of anything more rewarding in my career than turning this around.”