GIPD Sends Out Check Fraud Alert

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The Grand Island Police Department has been alerted to frauds that involve a person receiving a check and the victim deposits the check in the bank. The scam is completed when the victim then has to return part of the money back to the original scammer. Any amount of the money that has been returned will be lost.

Police say people are getting these various checks for babysitting jobs, cleaning houses and to purchase products that their business sells. This is just to mention a few of the stories that are told.

Officers say when you deposit the check and wire money back or send prepaid cards or green dot cards, this money is gone forever. In a short time the bank will let you know the checks are no good and you will be paying the bank back for any money that you owe for the bad check.

Grand Island Police warn if you get a good deal, it may not be as good as you think. The last scam was sent from a person with a Texas address who sends a check on a bank from Pennsylvania on behalf of a company from Virginia. What made this even more interesting the next day the same victim received a second $950.00 check from a person from New York and this was written on a check from Connecticut and the company was the University from New Haven.

Officers say in both of the above cases the check numbers were EXACTLY the same number. It took them to a bank and was advised in most cases if someone came in to deposit these checks, most of the banks would have accepted these checks and the person depositing them would be credited this money. It is only later that the depositor would find out they were not valid.

Police want to remind you if it sounds too good to be true, it always is. Nobody is going to send you money for no reason.