Update: Nebraska Republicans respond to McCollister's statements

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LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) -- A Republican state lawmaker from Nebraska is blasting his party for "enabling white supremacy in our country" and calling on the state's all-GOP congressional delegation to speak out against President Donald Trump's inflammatory comments about minorities.

Sen. John McCollister, a moderate Republican from Omaha, made the comments on Twitter in response to weekend mass shootings in Ohio and Texas that left 29 dead. Officials have said the suspect in the El Paso, Texas shooting posted an online diatribe against immigrants before that shooting.

McCollister says the shooting was a "tipping point" for him to call out his party, although he doesn't plan to leave it.

The Nebraska Republican Party put out this response on their Facebook page to McCollister’s statements:

Today, Nebraska Republican Party Exclusive Director Ryan Hamilton called on Nebraska Senator John McCollister to tell the truth about his partisan views and re-register as a Democrat.

“John McCollister has been telegraphing for years that he has little if nothing in common with the Republican voters in his district by consistently advocating for higher taxes, restrictions on American’s Second Amendment rights, and pro-abortion lobby,” Hamilton said. “His latest false statement about Republicans should come as no surprise to anyone who is paying attention, and we’re happy he has finally shed all pretense of being a conservative.”

“I am happy to send a change of voter registration form along to his office so he can make the switch officially and start, for once, telling the truth to voters in his district.”

McCollister is the son of former Nebraska U.S. Rep. John Y. McCollister, a Republican who served from 1971-1977.