Gas leak near 58th and Vine to impact evening commute

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Crews are on the scene of a gas leak in the area of 58th and Vine streets. The leak is causing road closures in the area that are likely to extend into the evening commute.

According to a spokeswoman for Lincoln Fire and Rescue, a 2-inch gas line was struck Tuesday around 11:35 a.m. while crews were working to replace water lines in the area.

Vine Street is closed from 58th Street to 62nd Street in both directions. 58th Street was previously closed due to the construction in the area.

Traffic closures are expected to last into the evening commute.

The spokeswoman said that the leak is complicated to fix, as crews need to weld in four different locations to mitigate the situation and get the gas turned off.

No evacuations have taken place, and readings in the area were fairly low, the spokeswoman said.