Geneva CPR Training

GENEVA, Neb.- What looked like a CPR marathon, or an attempt to get in the Guiness Book of World Records really served as a learning experience for Fillmore county high school students.

To the beat of the Bee Gees song "Staying Alive", the entire high school gathered to learn CPR. Geneva Volunteer Fire and Rescue members organized the event. They have been known to talk to kindergarten students in the past. "Rod Renken and I have wanted to bring something like this to the middle schools and high schools," Geneva Volunteer Fire and Rescue member Ralph Graham said. So, the plan to hold a training exercise at the high school was born. The technique the students learned is "hands only CPR".

"Hands only CPR gets people doing CPR. That gives us as a rescue squad a lot better chance of keeping the patient viable and getting them to the hospital, and actually getting their heart started again," Geneva Fire Volunteer Fire and Rescue member Rodney Renken said.

Students we talked to said they appreciated a chance to better understand how to administer CPR, and they understand how tiring it can be after going through the training exercise.

The event was made possible by Geneva Volunteer Fire and Rescue, the Geneva Rotary Club, and the Fillmore County Foundation. Organizers hope that one day, this unique training may one day play a role in helping someone stay alive.