Genoa Restaurant Celebrates 25 Years

A good cafe in a small town is something many people wish for. And a place like that can be found in downtown Genoa. Tony Edwards runs the business with his wife Lettie. They've been welcoming customers 7 days a week for the last 25 years. "Our prices are reasonable, portions are good, I think it's a good deal if you come here and eat," Tony said.

What's on the menu is something you're not likely to find at restaurants in bigger cities. "We have really homemade food. Almost everything is homemade here, and I think the demand for that is coming back around," Tony said. "We are known for our roast beef dinners, our chicken dinners and all of our breakfasts are outstanding with homemade hash browns. We also do omelets, with everything sauteed and cooked in the eggs. We just take a little extra effort to do the homemade stuff. Being the cook a lot of the times, I give that personal attention to my customers," Tony said.

The Great Plains Cafe is not only a place for locals to come and have a great breakfast or lunch. Many people gather at the restaurant daily for coffee and conversation. "We talk about what's going on in the town and basically who died," Linda Sass jokes. She says the restaurant gives them a place to connect. "We really appreciate in a small town having a place like this. You've got to have a place to gather, and we don't all like to cook all the time. Sundays we come after church. We come, and they worry about us if we are not here. They expect us as a certain time, and that's the nice thing about small towns is everybody kind of looks out for each other," Linda said.

Co-owner Lettie Edwards says she peels 150 pounds of potatoes a week, and that's evidence you are getting fresh food at the restaurant. She says the mashed potatoes and hash browns are fresh, as are many other items on the menu. "Sundays are really busy. Friday night we have a fish and chicken buffet that brings people in from other places. We get people from Silver Creek, St. Edward, Monroe, and so all of those people from little towns around come and eat," Lettie said.

And while business from surrounding communities is so important to the Great Plains Cafe, owners Tony and Lettie Ewards say they are very grateful to the community of Genoa for being loyal customers.

"This town has always been, from the time we got here, really glad to have us. They've all come out to support the café -- 25 years' worth," Lettie said. "I would like to say thanks to Genoa. They are the people who made us go," Tony said.