Gering Police Department shares some cheer.

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GERING, Neb. (KNEP) This family thought they were going to get a ticket. Instead they got a holiday gift from the Gering Police Department.

Amanda Gonzales and Jessica Alonzo did not expect to get a break when they were pulled over twice in one week.

The family got their vehicle towed on Wednesday, the day Jessica and her daughter moved to Scottsbluff.

Today, on their way to get the car made legal.. they were once again pulled over.

Gering police department reacted with compassion, and instead of a ticket, gave the family a one-hundred dollar secret Santa gift card to fresh foods.

Amanda and Jessica just want to share their gratitude.

"We just wanted to say thank you. It was a nice surprise. Now you know, that meant the world to us, and it helped make our Christmas a lot easier." said Amanda.

" We have four kids, plus her (Jessica) and her baby too. So, you did an amazing thing. And, thank you. I hope you have a Merry Christmas."