Getting your home ready for the cold

LINCOLN, Neb. The first hard freeze of the season is expected to come Thursday night and if you don’t take proper precautions it could be costly.

With all the water we’ve seen this year experts say that it’s especially important to drain any pipes connected to the outside.

“It freezes tonight and then thaws out tomorrow you’re gonna have water shooting out the side of your house and stuff like that,” said Bryan Gill.

Gill is with John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating and Air, he says all you have to do for sprinkler systems is turn off the water source, drain the pipes and make sure the connected valves are turned off.

“Make sure all your hoses are disconnected from the outside faucets because if you leave those hooked up you’re gonna freeze the line,”
said Gill. “Then come next year when you go to use your faucet you’re going to have a lot of water in your basement.”

Inside getting your heating system ready for winter also matters.

“Before it gets too cold just kick your thermostat on just to make sure your furnace works,” said Gill.

Gill recommends getting your furnace inspected twice a year. He also says not to panic if you haven’t had all this done before the first hard freeze.

“Get your furnace checked over, make sure it’s working, make sure it’s clean,” said Gill. “Have your sump pump looked at just be proactive and call somebody before it’s too late.”

John Henry’s says that if you are behind on winterizing your home that they recommend having everything done by mid-November.