Gibbons Honey Farms

CRAWFORD, Neb.- Gibbons Honey Farms is located in a beautiful part of our state, and that's Northwest Nebraska and the community of Crawford. It's a family owned and operated business that produces local honey. The business is also on the Nebraska passport program this year.

The Pure Nebraska team recently traveled to Crawford to learn more about this honey business. The store is located in one of the oldest buildings in Crawford. It used to be a warehouse that supplied goods to Fort Robinson. In the store, you will find not only pure Nebraska honey, but there are many homemade honey products such as creamed honey, lotions, soaps and much more.

"There was so much imported honey coming into the United States that we just decided to start selling to the local people," Wayne Gibbons said. "It's a really good quality of honey that we produce here, a very mild flavor, and low moisture and that makes it unique."

Wayne Gibbons is the operators of the business, and he's been working with bees for a very long time. He has a number of bees just outside of Crawford where he goes to collect the honey.