Girl Scout Troop refills Little Free Libraries after hearing steward's pleas

LINCOLN, Neb. - On Monday, we brought you the story of Peggy Kirby, who says thieves have wiped out her book collection. Tonight, Peggy's library, along with a few others around Lincoln have been refilled, thanks to Girl Scout Troop 20811.

Girl Scout Troop 20811 refills a Little Free Library with new books. (Source: Mackenzie Huck, KOLN)

The troop built a Little Free Library for its bronze award, and for its silver award, the girls wanted to make sure these libraries can keep running.

"It's like we are little joy bringing elves," said Girl Scout Kyleigh Chambers.

The girls said when they heard people were stealing books out of Little Free Libraries to sell online, they knew they needed to do something.

"When the girls found out that people were taking books, it hurt them because this is people hurting your own community. Hurting kids," said Troop Co-Leader Rosalia Roger.

So tonight, the troop went around to different Little Free Libraries, making sure they were fully stocked. They have a list of 22 locations desperately needing new books.

"I have a great love for books," said Girl Scout Mikaela Roger. "And so I thought of all those other kids that don't have the ability to have a book of their own."

Thanks to some generous donations, the girls now have 712 books to distribute, and they've added a sticker on the inside cover to let would-be thieves know these books are not for sale.

"We are hoping to thwart off the people who are trying to make a dollar off of someone's kindness," Roger said.

One of the Little Free Libraries that was filled tonight was Peggy Kirby's.

"Oh my gosh, I just can't believe it," Kirby said. "I just love that it's kind of full circle. Eagle Scouts built this library, now the Girl Scouts are filling it, and I used to be a troop leader. Really gives you a bit more faith in people nowadays."

Girl Scout Troop 20811 says they aren't done delivering books. They still have hundreds left, and are hoping to take some to organizations in need and book drives as well.