Giving Old Trees New Life in Swedehome

SWEDEHOME, Neb.- There is a business in the unincorporated community of Swedehome called "RayMark Tree Incarnaters". The business is operated by Ray Lindgren and Mark Udey. They take trees that have been discarded or thrown into brush piles and save them. They cut them in their small saw mill, and turn the unwanted wood into furniture.

The two men are also known for saving trees that have sentimental value. In other words, they are able to turn a tree that perhaps once stood in a grandparent's yard, and save it as a piece of furniture for the future. "I want to cut up that aak tree that got hit by lightning, that your grandfather brought over from the old country with the acorn you know, it's stuff that means something to people. This wood can live beyond its life," Mark said.

Ray says he enjoys finding out what kind of wood is inside and old log. "You open it up and sometimes it's just really beautiful wood in there," Ray said. "Other times it's just normal wood. But we try to get some of the good stuff out of it."

Ray and Mark say they've been running the business for 20 years, and they look to continue well into the future.