Go Red for Women BetterU Challenge Week 7 & 8

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LINCOLN, Neb. The six Lincoln women taking part in the Go Red For Women BetterU Challenge are inching closer to the end of the program and after tackling their diets and learning about wellness, now their focus turns to boot camp classes and stretching techniques.

In week seven, the women in the program didn't shy away from the challenge and came ready to go

The 45-minute boot camp included two rounds of a dozen different exercises. The women rotated and spent two minutes on each exercises included push-ups, toe taps, squats and band work.

For Dee Huber and Shellie McIntosh, it was their first time ever taking on a boot camp class.

Shellie McIntosh said, "You can make this your own. They had options, low impact. If you can't do the high steps, do low steps. The basics of it is to keep moving. And that's what works, that's what burns the calories."

Dee Huber said, "At first I thought it was intimidating, I thought 'oh my gosh, when she was showing us what we were going to do, I was like 'oh my gosh', I can't do that. Then once we started dong the rotations I was like I can do this, I can do it."

So here's what we've learned about how to prepare for a boot camp class from our instructor. If you feel like you can't do an exercise -- modify it.

When you're in a group fitness class, it's about getting the best workout at your own level.

You can use lighter weight or your body weight for some of the exercises and you should and can take breaks when you need them.

Madonna ProActive trainer Megan Ksionzek recommends you modify exercises based on your own level of fitness.

For instance, with a jumping jack, you can take the jump out and with squats and lunges, you can use your body weight. Even with push-ups, you can modify those by doing them on your knees and building upper body strength.

Staying hydrated is also really important before, during and after a class.

During week 8, the women learned a core workout and focused on the benefits of stretching by incorporating foam rolling into their routine.

You can learn more about why foam rolling can keep you injury-free and healthy, by clicking on the video above.