Good Life Fitness hosts police run self-defense class

LINCOLN, Neb. The shooting at Chick-fil-A is an example of people finding themselves in a threatening situation, in an ordinary setting.

Wednesday night a 19-year veteran of the Lincoln Police Department shared his self-defense tips and options to a group of men and women.

The Good Life Fitness hosted the presentation, the gym’s owner says after the event at Chick-fil-A yesterday lots of people became interested in coming to the class.

“This is our third presentation with Craig and we like to do these just to help the members and the public,” said Steve Auxier.

The message of Wednesday night’s class was tactical, spiritual and physical survival.

“To make people feel safer in the community, to give them options how to prevent or prepare for an event,” said Sergeant Craig Price.

Price is a veteran of police work, who has been doing presentations like this for the past six years.

“Once you’ve identified a threat not to engage a threat but disengage,” said Price.

Price says using simple methods like stepping back from a suspect, using a commanding voice to say stop and to always be aware of your own abilities if you are going to use physical force or a weapon of any kind.

He says after Tuesday’s incident at Chick-fil-A his phone was inundated with requests for trainings in businesses and beyond.

“That’s the best thing we saw a lot of people I believe the response at Chick-fil-A was get the people out of the building,” said Price. “That’s what we want. We want people to escape, stay safe and get cops there to handle the threat.”

He emphasizes what’s known as the OODA Loop method in his presentations, something that many first responders use but that can be utilized by everyday people in the event of a crisis situation.

“Observe, orient, decide, act,” said Price. “It’s very common sense. Pay attention to your surroundings, scan, look for threats, and know what threats are going to look like. If you have an instinct that something is wrong it probably is.”

Price says after yesterday’s incident at Chick-fil-A he is working on a presentation for businesses in the Lincoln community on how to handle a similar situation.