Grabbing a cup of coffee in Crete

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 5:48 PM CST
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Elayne Woods Jones and Justin Jones are the owners of the business in Crete called Artisan Coffee & Goods.

"We officially opened our doors, I would say, a couple of weeks into September," Elayne said. "I'm from Sargent originally. I left there when I graduated, and I traveled around. I think my background has always had me loving coffee. I really saw a need for a coffee shop in Crete."

With Doane University just down the road, the owners of Artisan Mark are hoping to encourage more students to get off campus, and come down to the store for a nice retreat. Justin Jones says he is from New Mexico, but has ties to Nebraska. "My ancestors homesteaded down by Roca," Justin said. "I have a small produce farm. I'm also one of the owners of Lone Tree Foods, which is a local food distribution company in Lincoln, and I'm a professional musician, too."

So, you could say the owners of the coffee business are busy. But they don't mind taking time to talk about their business, and the building it's housed in. "The building has been a lot of things over the years," Justin said. "We think it was built in 1895. Most recently, it was an electronics store. You really wouldn't have known walking in here, that it could look like this." Justin points out that a large brick wall in the business was an external wall at one time. It had an advertisement on it. Now, inside the business you can see remnants of that ad on the exposed brick.

"We get our coffee beans from Archetype Coffee in Omaha. They were rated number one with "Food and Wine" magazine as far as being the best coffee in Nebraska," Elayne said. "I wanted to get the best of everything." The couple say they are happy with how the business is turning out so far. "I think the most enjoyable part is how people are using the space as a sort of escape," Justin said. "It's a mellow, quiet space where people can come and relax."

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