Grain Storage Trends

FREMONT, Neb.- We learned more about recent trends when it comes to corn storage, while visiting the Fremont Corn Expo.

"We've seen the last few years more corn stored not only through the winter, but through the summer immediately following," North Dakota State University Extension's Ken Hellevang said. Hellevang was at the expo as a speaker on the topic of grain storage. "The corn prices that we are seeing right now means we are seeing some corn being stored into the second year. And so it's important that we make sure our storage practices are correct, so that we maintain the quality for whatever time-frame that we are wanting to store that grain," Hellevang said.

Some of the points Hellevang wants farmers to remember when storing grain for longer periods is to make sure the grain is of good quality. He also says it's key to make sure storage practices are accurate. He encourages farmers to make sure to cool the corn as it goes into the winter, and keep it cool if you are storing it into the next summer.

Watch this story to learn more about some reminders for corn storage.