Grant wood carver enjoys a good challenge

Published: Apr. 30, 2019 at 12:45 PM CDT
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We've met a number of wood carvers across the state, and one man from Grant has his own unique style.

We paid a visit to the home of Archie Silvrants. He carves just about everything from flowers on toothpicks, to golf balls. "If somebody tells me I can't carve something, then I have to show that I can, you know," Silvrants said.

Silvrants says when he was working, his job was hectic, and a friend introduced him to wood carving. Through the years, wood carving has been a great hobby for Silvrants. "We've been to shows about everywhere," he said. "I do a lot of carving, but there are carvers out there that make me look like a beginner."

According to Silvrants, it takes a sharp knife, and practice, practice, practice to be a good carver. "I've always liked to do things with my hands, I have to have my hands busy," Silvrants said. "I like working with basswood and butternut wood the most."

He's not sure if he has a speciality, but Silvrants says he has a lot of fun carving little things, such as eagles on the tip of a toothpick. He also carves scenes on antlers or cow horns. "I probably got started on cow horns, and it's fun because you can get a lot of detail. I carve moose horns, bone, you name it, I've probably carved it. I just like a challenge," Silvrants said.

Silvrants is known for carving nature, such as birds. But he also has a wide variety of carvings in his home from spoons, to chains, to religious art. Silvrants has won many awards for his work, but he says it's not about the ribbons. "It's really about getting out and meeting people, and getting new ideas," Silvrants said.

Silvrants says he doesn't sell his carvings, but rather enjoys giving it away, or helping charities with his work.