City puts gravel on some side streets in Lincoln

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -- On Tuesday morning, there is gravel on many side and residential streets around Lincoln. The gravel is helping icy conditions as Lincoln Public Schools students return to class after the long holiday weekend.

Gravel is down on residential and side streets in time for the Tuesday morning commute in Lincoln.

The gravel is a welcomed sight for many drivers in Lincoln that were concerned about the icy conditions. On Monday, Interim Director of Lincoln Transportation and Utilities Tom Casady said they wouldn't be able to use de-icers because of cold temps, and they didn't have the resources to spread gravel on all streets, so they'd focus on bus and school routes.

Tuesday morning, Casady said, "Later in the day yesterday and today we’ve been able to expand that, and we will continue to do so if we can."

The City has received hundreds of complaints about the ice on their UPLNK reporting platform over the last few days, as residential streets remained icy and untreated.

After a snowy winter last year left many citizens unhappy with how removal was handled, the City formed a Snow Removal Task Force to help address the issue.

The 10/11 NOW Weather Team says we should not expect much melting on Tuesday. Temperatures will only be in the upper 20s and clouds will prevent melting.

Melting is possible on Wednesday, with temperatures in the upper 30s.