Green Light Lincoln finishes second phase of improvements

LINCOLN, Neb. Its been almost three years since Lincoln started working to make traffic flow smoother.

Now, Green Light Lincoln has wrapped up its second of three phases. This round of changes worked on 12 Lincoln corridors, including several major south Lincoln roads.

Phase two worked on 115 intersections and eventually the city hopes to make changes to over 420 intersections across Lincoln.

“To improve traffic flow and traffic safety city-wide through traffic signal equipment and traffic signal time upgrades," said Mark Lutjeharms who is the manager of the Traffic Engineering Division.

Phase two focused on traffic signal equipment and timing upgrades to 12 Lincoln corridors. Which include major streets like Old Cheney, South 27th Street and South 40th Street.

"We were again looking at making traffic work more safely and efficiently along these corridors," said Lutjeharms.

Despite what the city says are shortened drive times, some people say the changes to left turns haven't been as helpful.

"I really don't like it especially in times when its rush hour traffic,” said Bang Nguyen who drives in Lincoln. “You don’t ever get a chance to turn and you’ll have to wait until there’s a red light and then you just have to rush it."

Along with the left turn signal changes timing between lights was also changed at some of the 115 intersections. The city says the average driver will spend an hour-and-a-half less per year in their car
and will be stopping at 100 fewer red lights.

"Vehicles are traveling from one intersection to the next, hopefully they are seeing more green lights than red lights going from intersection to intersection," said Lutjeharms.

The city has already started phase three, which will focus on about 80 downtown intersections. This phase is focused on upgrading outdated technology as well as improving pedestrian safety.