Green roofs in Lincoln offer beauty and sustainability

Published: Jun. 16, 2017 at 7:18 PM CDT
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Gardens on your roof, a trend taking off in Lincoln. More and more people are choosing to put in "green roofs."

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln just opened a new green roof on the top floor of the East Campus Recreation Center.

"Green roofs are green spaces, and studies have shown that they help with mental well-being," said Kylie Tucker who led the project.

Tucker said she hopes it encourages other students on campus to get involved with the project.

"We're promoting green spaces, any green spaces. If you plant a tree, that's going to potentially reduce carbon dioxide emissions," Tucker

Teresa Nelson is the co-owner of Roof Top Sedums, a company that grows the plants for the roofs.

"It's aesthetic, [they] don't want to look at a roofing material on a lower roof area, or they want to create a rooftop party area," said Nelson.

However, green roofs also offer sustainability. They can prevent 50-90% of rain runoff by absorbing it into the soil. They can also reduce extreme temperatures by evaporating water from the soil into the atmosphere. These elevated gardens can also absorb loud noises.

A typical roof lasts for about 15 years, a green roof can double or triple this life span.