Grocery delivery booked as COVID-19 concerns rise

LINCOLN, Neb (KOLN) - Right now, a lot of people are going to the grocery stores making sure they have enough food for two weeks if they need to be quarantined.
But not everyone can make that trip, and it's making things challenging for many people in that at-risk category.

(Source: KOLN).

Grocery stores have recently made changes like reserving the first hour of shopping for people who are at-risk, but for one woman 10/11 NOW spoke with, that's not an option. She doesn't want to leave the house because she's in that at-risk category, but delivery services are booked for weeks.

"I have to take amino suppressant medications in order for the kidney not to reject,” said Vicki Keck.

Keck says when she went to Hy-Vee's app, there wasn't even an option to get groceries delivered.

She checked with other stores, they either didn't offer delivery, or were booked weeks in advance already.

"If you are 60 years or older and have a compromised immune system, you have no option to get groceries,” said Keck.

10/11 NOW reached out to Hy-Vee corporate to see what they suggest for those at risk, they say they recommend people check-in online as early as possible to look for new time slots.

Keck says that's what she was told to do and at midnight, she placed an order, but the only option was a pick-up, and it’s a week from now.

She adds she knows there's not much anyone can do right now, and acknowledges that grocery stores are probably doing their best, but she hopes there are some better solutions soon.

"It's like, what do we do?" said Keck, "How does a community come together to help that group of people?”