Group hopes to connect people who have disabilities and special needs

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A Lincoln woman is hoping her Facebook page will help connect people with special needs and disabilities.

(Source: KOLN).

The goal is to give them the opportunity to experience fun things and to meet new people.

She started a Facebook page to connect people after seeing her own brother who has a brain injury often feel shut out and alone.

She says she hopes she can not only improve his quality of life but others too.

"I want to keep depression from setting in, I want these guys to be social, I want them to have a network,” said Forbes.

Forbes' 28-year-old brother Matt has a traumatic brain injury after he was in a motorcycle accident years ago.

He's now fully dependent on a caregiver.

"He’s got no friends, he's got none. Nobody calls him to say hey bud we're going to watch the game, you want to come over and watch the game?” said Forbes.

Kristina created the Facebook page "Helping the Hopeful" to connect those with disabilities and special needs with each other, and caretakers.

So people in the group will have others to talk to, and do things with.

"They’re our community, and they are parts of our community and it’s on us to make them feel like the part that they are,” said Forbes.

One of the people who came to the group’s first picnic today is mobility disadvantaged and says being able to hang out with other people means so much.

"It means so much to just have people around. And if I’m having a bad day, maybe they are having a good day and that'll make you feel better hearing about their good days,” said Martha DeWeese.

But DeWeese says even just receiving a phone call, can change their day.

Going forward, Forbes says she hopes the group can keep expanding and helping others feel like they are not alone.

"I feel really touched to know that these folks they want the help they want the interaction enough that they are getting out of their house and are looking for it,” said Forbes.

Click here to join Helping the Hopeful facebook group.