Grove Trout Rearing Station

At Grove station, experts raise the trout to be stocked in ponds throughout the state. Those ponds include Homles Lake and Bowling Lake in Lincoln. The fish end up at Pawnee Lake in Columbus, at Standing Bear Lake in Omaha, and at Two Rivers State Recreation Area. There are also many other spots in the Panhandle where the fish are stocked.

The fish at Grove station are brought in from Calamus State Fish Hatchery several times throughout the year. Once they get to Grove station, they are fed daily, sorted, and once they've grown up, they are shipped out to the various lakes.

"75 percent of the water is actually diverted from the East Verdigre Creek," Grove Trout Rearing Station Supervisor Joe Cassidy said. "We use it for production, it flows through us and goes back into the creek, and we have two big spring ponds that flow about 750 gallons a minute," Cassidy said.

The trout are eventually used in many ways. Trout can be somewhat easy to catch, and they are helpful in getting kids interested in fishing, and they are also good for the fly-fisherman in creeks in western Nebraska.

You can visit the Grove Trout Rearing Station. The production area is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 7 days a week in the summer.