Hair salons on wheels will be rolling through Nebraska in 2019

Published: Apr. 24, 2018 at 8:55 PM CDT
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A local hair stylist is looking to change up his business in order to reach more clients, specifically some who can't drive anymore.

After working with two senators, the Governor signed a bill this week that would allow him to take his salon to the streets.

John Duncan plans to do that in an RV.

After doing hair for more than 40 years he's built up a large clientele.

"Since I've been doing hair for a long time I have some clients that are getting up in years. I have some that are home bound," said Duncan.

Duncan has been seeing more and more that weather, surgeries, and the fact that some of his clients can't drive anymore, is causing his loyal customers to cancel their appointments.

"I thought gee wouldn't it be nice if I could just come to them," said Duncan.

That's where his idea for a salon on wheels came from. He said being able to reach more clients and bring a salon feel to them.

Before buying an RV he found out he needed to convince senators to pass legislation to allow for mobile hair dressers to even be legal.

"They used some legislation from North Carolina to help draft a bill here and then it was kind of ups and downs from there on out, we heard it was going, it wasn't going, it was stalled in committee and then finally we had a committee hearing," said Duncan.

It passed unanimously through committee, senators passed the bill on the last day of legislature, and Monday, April 23rd the Governor signed it into law.

"I think the whole thing could really explode, and could do a whole lot of stuff that I haven't even considered, so it's exciting and it's fun," said Duncan.

Now, Duncan is planning for his new shop. He said he's going to search RV and motor home stores around the country to figure out if he wants to purchase a newer model, or buy an older one and renovate it.

Whatever he chooses, he wants the vehicle to still feel like a relaxing spa and salon for his clients.

"They're like family, and I love them, and I'm glad I'm going to be able to go to them and they don't have to worry about trying to find a driver or somebody to get in here, just makes there lives easier, just makes everybody's lives richer," said Duncan.