Hall County jail sued over wrong meds

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - A former Hall County jail inmate is suing the county, claiming that a corrections worker gave him the wrong prescription drugs while he was incarcerated.

Kenneth Dandridge claims that he was given anti-psychotic and heart medication which was actually meant for another inmate. Dandridge says he later had a reaction to those drugs, which caused him to pass out and fall in a jail restroom. As a result he suffered a cut to his head and injuries to his neck and leg.

Dandridge is asking for $10,848 in damages to cover medical bills which he says he has incurred since the incident last June.

In his complaint Dandridge claims to have told the jail worker that the pills didn't look right to him, but the worker said they were correct. Dandridge had to be hospitalized after the fall in the restroom and he says jail officials didn't tell his doctor about the drugs he was given.

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