"Has Heart" Project connects graphic artists with U.S. Veterans

Published: Oct. 12, 2018 at 6:00 PM CDT
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Tyler Way and his wife Kendra Clapp Olguínare are based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan and they feel that U.S. Veterans are one of the most frequently forgotten and taken for granted groups of people in America.

Tyler explains, "Our goal is to simply start by sharing these stories and enable people to better understand veterans and for veterans to be a little bit better understood and a part of their community."

The project is called "Has Heart" and it's helping to bridge the divide between civilians and veterans with art and design with help from the creative community from coast to coast.

This week, Tyler and Kendra set up shop in Lincoln at the Nebraska Innovation Studio.

Nebraska is the 30th state that Kendra and Tyler have visited on their tour.

At the end of the tour in June of 2019, "Has Heart" plans to compile all fifty designs and stories into a coffee table book, documentary film, and traveling art museum exhibit.

For more information about "Has Heart" and to donate to the project visit