Hastings Chamber of Commerce hosts annual awards banquet

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - The Hastings Chamber of Commerce met on Wednesday evening for a banquet and awards ceremony to honor local businesses and charities.

Six awards were given out to businesses or individuals for their impact on the community. The Max Award honors individuals or organizations which have made significant contributions to the Hastings community or area within the past months or years. Other awards included Business of the Year (two for fewer than 25 employees or 26 and over) and for Nonprofit.

The Outstanding Community Service Award was intended to highlight a successful business which has "helped write the modern history of Hastings with outstanding credentials in business, education, and community service."

Mikki Shafer, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, when asked about the future of the Chamber in 2019 said "we're going to be working on collaboration and engagement. Trying to get everybody engaged, so they can get as much out of the chamber as possible."

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