Hastings stays in house to fill police chief position

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HASTINGS, Neb (KSNB) - The Hastings City Council has appointed Adam Story as the new police chief. Story is currently a captain in the department.

Story was elected at a special city council meeting Monday night. The vote was a unanimous decision as the mayor recommended Story to the council.

Council members said captain Story stood out in his interviews and his commitment to the community.

"I have had over 20 years of service here. I have had a lot of trust within the organization and a lot of trust within the community," said newly-elected police chief Adam Story. "I have had great mentors within the police department and I believe that was all a part of the consideration."

The special meeting ended in just five minutes and after there were handshakes and congratulations.

Story was one of four finalists that were selected as the city looked to replace retiring police chief Pete Kortum. Story has been on the Hastings Police force for 22 years.

Kortum is retiring December 15, 2017, after about five years as chief.

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