UPDATE: Hastings domestic shooting victim still in critical condition

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - The Hastings woman who was shot and wounded at her home June 26 is still recovering at a Lincoln hospital.

Hastings Police blocked off the road in the 1000 block of Hill Street after Lana Langenberg was shot and wounded June 26. (Source: KSNB)

Hastings police told Local4 that Lana Langenberg, 54, was in critical but stable condition as of Tuesday afternoon.

Police believe Langenberg was shot and wounded by her ex-husband, David Langenberg, 58. on June 26 about 7:30 PM at a residence near 11th and Hill streets in north Hastings.

Hastings police said David Langenberg then returned to his home near 8th Street and Bellevue Avenue around 8:00 PM.

At that time police surrounded the house and phone contact was made with a negotiator from the Nebraska State Patrol. A stand off lasted about four hours. Around 12:30 the next morning police said Langenberg came out of his house with a handgun and shot himself. He died of his wounds the scene.

The investigation into David Langenberg's death has been turned over to the South Central Area Law Enforcement Services (SCALES) with the Dawson County Sheriff's Department taking the lead. Since this will be considered an "in-custody" death, it will require a grand jury proceeding.

Court records indicated that Ms. Langenberg had applied for and was granted a protection order against her ex-husband on June 3. In her application, Langenberg wrote that she "...was afraid of him and what he is capable of."

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