Hastings wins annual Tri-Cities Food Fight

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - The Tri-Cities Food Fight ended with the New Year, and the totals are in! Hastings won by a wide margin of nearly 3,000 pounds over the runner-up of Grand Island's Stuhr Museum. Here are the totals...

Hastings Museum: 7,143lbs
Stuhr Museum: 4,288lbs
Archway Museum: 2,390lbs

The donated food goes to local food pantries where it gets distributed to those in need within each community. Organizer Becky Kvetensky of the Hastings Museum says that many community members contributed, as well as local businesses, which helped them raise so much. Some days, she would come in with food piled up all around the donation box in the lobby.

Originally, the competition was between the Stuhr and Hastings museums, but later would include Kearney in the friendly rivalry. "The winner gets bragging rights for the rest of the year, but the real winner is the food pantries and all of the families that it benefits," said Kvetensky.

The annual event takes place from the Festival of Trees (the Saturday before Thanksgiving) through the end of the year. Donations have continued to come in after the final totals, and they will continue to go to local pantries.

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