Head of Nebraska State Patrol fired

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -- Governor Pete Ricketts has fired the head of the Nebraska State Patrol, Colonel Brad Rice and placed six other people on administrative leave. The governor says investigators found "inappropriate conduct" by senior staffers.

This decisions comes after the governor reviewed how recent use of force investigations were handed. This stemmed in part from a deadly incident that happened last October.

On October 3rd, 2016 Trooper Tim Flick tried to pull over Antione Ladeaux for a stop sign violation, speeding, not having a license plate, and swerving. Within a matter of minutes the two cars hit and Ladeaux was ejected from the vehicle. He later died on the scene.

During the investigation Flick told investigators he did not attempted a tactical vehicle interception, or TVI. But on his dashcam footage you can clearly hear him ask dispatch for permission to do a TVI and shortly after the accident you can hear Flick say he did do a TVI.

According to 1011's news partner, Columbus News Team, four days after the crash former NSP Superintendent Brad Rice sent a memo to Flick telling him he could go back to work writing, “Your efforts in such a difficult situation were extremely appreciated, and reflect the commitment and professionalism of the Nebraska State Patrol.”

In December the case went before a grand jury. In less than an hour the jury ruled that NSP's actions were appropriate.

Governor Ricketts would not go into specifics on the current investigation, but did say he has handed it over to the FBI and U.S. Attorney General. Typically NSP's Lieutenant Colonel would take the place of Rice, but Colonel Tom Schwarten is one of the six employees put on administrative leave. Instead, Administrative Services Major Russ Stanczyk will take over for the time being.