Health Department moving to ban e-cigarettes in restaurants and bars

Published: Nov. 12, 2019 at 9:39 PM CST
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There is a plan to add e-cigarettes to the list of banned smoking items in Lancaster County and Tuesday night it got the seal of approval from the Health Board.

It would ban vaping in public places like restaurants and bars.

The Health Department plans to work with both the mayor and city council to pass the change, which would give vaping the same consequences as smoking in public places and require businesses enforce a no-vaping rule in their establishments.

They are hoping to change an ordinance that was originally passed in 2004 that bans the smoking of cigarettes in what they call “indoor work places”.

The change is part of their larger campaign to combat vaping in Lincoln and say that if vaping was as prevalent as it is now back when the ordinance first passed it would have already been included.

“Our current smoking ordinance includes indoor smoking at restaurants, bars, work places, the common indoor work sites,” said David Humm with the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department.

Establishments or people who violate the change could face tickets and fines from the Health Department.

Many bars and restaurants say they already have no-vaping policies or suggest to those using vapes that they go outside to use their devices.

Right now there is no timeline in place for when the ordinance change could be in front of the city council but it’ll likely happen in the next few months.

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