Health department suspends Village Inn’s license twice

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Village Inn
111 S 29th St, Lincoln

The Village Inn off South 29th Street is back open after the Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department suspended the restaurant's license twice for cockroaches in the last three months.

The first suspension happened on September 19th. Inspectors cited the restaurant for 11 issues, including finding live roaches throughout the facility. Three days later the department allowed the restaurant to serve food again. However on September 26th inspectors again cited the restaurant for cockroaches.

Moving forward to October, inspectors say they again found roaches, this time all dead. After receiving a complaint the department inspected the restaurant and again suspended the restaurant’s license. The restaurant was allowed to reopen three days later. According to the health department’s website in its most recent inspection on November 13th, the restaurant passed with no citations.


Travelodge Inn
1101 W Bond Circle, Lincoln

On two separate inspections this fall the health department cited Travelodge Inn for storing chemicals on a shelf with food items, dirty dishes sitting in the hand washing sink and no person in charge with a food protection manager permit. On top of the repeat violations, inspectors also wrote up the hotel over an employee not washing their hands and an issue with keeping gravy at the right temperature. The restaurant passed its most recent inspection.

831 N 48th St, Lincoln

The health department issued a food enforcement notice for not keeping meat at the right temperatures and not properly reheating food. Inspectors cited the restaurant for 7 violations. The restaurant passed its most recent inspection.

Dairy Queen
850 Fallbrook Blvd, Lincoln

The new Dairy Queen was given a food enforcement notice during its first inspection. Inspectors cited the restaurant for 8 violations. This included cooking food at the wrong temperature and failing to keep some foods hot enough. In the report the inspector wrote, "Fails to reach 'kill step' to reduce bacteria to levels that are safe!!" The inspector also found flies in the kitchen. The restaurant passed its most recent inspection.

2700 Dan Ave, Lincoln

Health inspectors say they issued a food enforcement notice to the Scooter at 2700 Dan Avenue for keeping milk and sandwiches at unsafe temperatures. The manager of the business says a fridge was not working and has since been taken care of. The restaurant also added that this is the first FEN it has received since it opened back in 2011. The restaurant passed its most recent inspection.


Prairie Plate Restaurant
10405 Branched Oak Rd, Waverly

The "Clean Plate Award" goes to Prairie Plate Restaurant for acing it's most recent inspection. The establishment has a spotless record on its most recent report back in October and it has been violation free for several years.