Health inspectors find rodent & roaches at Yia Yia's


Yia Yia’s
1423 O St

With a total of 16 violations, eight of which were repeats, health inspectors told Yia Yia’s it had to do some major cleaning, telling the restaurant, “Must deep clean facility immediately and work with provider to eliminate entry points for pests! Disinfect all surfaces then wash, rinse, clean and sanitize.”

According to the food enforcement notice, inspectors found mouse droppings throughout the facility, including on top of a vanilla container and cooler where dressings were being dispensed.
Two of the repeat violations involved a strong odor of urine coming from the cooler and finding a dead mouse in the basement. Inspectors also found cockroaches in the basement.
The restaurant was also written up over some 10-day-old turkey left in a cooler. Another item inspectors noted involved having employees review hand-washing procedures after employees touched their faces and did not wash their hands after.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites
2200 Wildcat Dr
In less than two years, Holiday Inn Express & Suites has received four food enforcement notices. In its most recent write-up, inspectors issued six violations, three were repeats, including employees not wearing hair restraints while prepping food and not having someone in charge with a current food protection manager permit.
Inspectors also cited the business for storing chemicals near bananas on a shelf.

Lost In Fun!
8431 Cody Dr
The Clean Plate Award goes to Lost in Fun. In the last three years, the business has passed all of its inspections. With an average score of 9.8, it is one of the highest ranking establishments in Lancaster County.