Here's the answer to today's Question of the Day!

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Everyday on our 1011 News Facebook page we post our Question of the Day and read the responses on 1011 This Morning. Here are the answers in case you missed it!

Monday, June 17
Q: We buy 1.4 billion dollars worth of this a year. What is it?
A: Lunchables

Tuesday, June 18
Q: When it comes to shopping, men are more likely than women to do this. What is it?
A: Shop in a store on Black Friday

Wednesday, June 19
Q: 22% of people say the reason they don't do this more often is because they're afraid of what they'll find. What is it?
A: Clean the refrigerator

Thursday, June 20
Q: 10% of us are addicted to this. What is it?
A: Celebrities

Friday, June 21
Q: Relationship coaches say that 1 in 5 couples now come to therapy to deal with this. What is it?