Here's the answer to today's Question of the Day!

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Everyday on our 1011 News Facebook page we post our Question of the Day and read the responses on 1011 This Morning. Here are the answers in case you missed it!

Monday, October 14
Q: Scientists say by studying this animal, they may find out how to slow down aging in humans. What is it?
A: Bats

Tuesday, October 15
Q: One-in-three women say they’ve done what behind their husband’s back?
A: Thrown out some of their old clothes

Wednesday, October 16
Q: If you’re going to do this with your kids, it’ll take about 14 minutes. What is it?
A: Argue

Thursday, October 17
Q: If you have one, you should only wash it every three months. What is it?
A: A dog

Friday, October 18
Q: What is the #1 source of sodium in the American diet?
A: Bread