Here's the answer to today's Question of the Day!

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Everyday on our 1011 News Facebook page we post our Question of the Day and read the responses on 1011 This Morning. Here are the answers in case you missed it!

Monday, October 15
Q: 19% of us feel guilty about this, but most of us do it anyway. What is it?
A: Regifting

Tuesday, October 16
Q: Only 16% of People Plan To Do This on Halloween. What is it?
A: Dress their pet up in a costume

Wednesday, October 17
Q: 80% of people who do THIS at work claim it makes them more productive. What is it?
A: Listen to Music

Thursday, October 18
Q: If you had this in 1970, it would be worth $67 today. What is it?
A: $10 dollars

Friday, October 19
Q: According to a new survey, what's the #1 thing we're afraid of?
A: Snakes