Here's the answer to today's Question of the Day!

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Everyday on our 1011 News Facebook page we post our Question of the Day and read the responses on 1011 This Morning. Here are the answers in case you missed it!

Monday, March 30
Q: Nearly one-third of men who do what won't tell anyone they're doing it?
A: Diet

Tuesday, March 31
Q: Over 40% of married people say they have never done this for their spouse. What is it?
A: Made them breakfast in bed

Wednesday, April 1
Q: Studies say if you do this before you eat, it’ll make your food taste better. What it is?
A: Take a picture

Thursday, April 2
Q: Nearly 75% of people have one of these in storage. What is it?
A: High school yearbook

Friday, April 3
Q: 1 in 5 admit to having a favorite one of these. What is it?
A: Pen