'Heroes into Homes' helping local veterans

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LINCOLN, Neb. — If you're looking for a way to help veterans in our community -- heroes into homes is a non-profit group that started in November of last year.

Image Source: U.S. Air Force / MGN

Its mission is to help veterans moving into apartments at the VA campus get adjusted by providing furnishings and food.

The group says right now they are low on inventory and funds after helping several veterans move into their homes, and they're hoping the community can help out.

"Heroes into Homes wouldn't exist without community," said Shon Olson with Heroes into Homes. "They've been behind this since we started. They were with us when the Marine corps league was handling the move-ins by donating the furnishings and stuff for pick up."

If you would like to donate furniture, they ask that it be new or gently used. You can also make a monetary donations.

You can contact Heroes into Homes for more information.