Hickman first responders climb 110 flights of stairs for 9/11

Published: Sep. 11, 2019 at 10:39 PM CDT
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9/11 can be about reflection. For others it’s about doing and many are putting themselves in first responders shoes, some as civilians and others in full gear.

Wednesday people at Anytime Fitness of Hickman got a chance to recreate some of the activities done by first responders on the day.

“I just kept telling myself there’s people that went up and back multiple times to save those people’s lives,” said Dylan Deboer with Hickman Fire and Rescue.

Deboer and Ethan Robertson are firefighters with Hickman Fire and Rescue and Wednesday they climbed 110 flights of stairs in 100 pounds of gear.

“The high was at the beginning before it set in how hard it was,” said Robertson. “I don’t like to quit, they didn’t quit they kept going.”

The World Trade Center Towers were both 110 flights and the firefighters said doing the challenge together gave them the team mentality and motivation not unlike a real response situation.

“Just getting to show off as a firefighter myself and getting to share that experience that those guys go to do on 9/11 themselves,” said Deboer. “Kind of shows the stress that we go through as well.”

The 9/11 Stair Climb Challenge is to raise money for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation with participants pledging $20 dollars or more for the climb.

“It just warms your heart to see people care and wanting to give back,” said Kim Tegtmeier the owner of Anytime Fitness of Hickman.

Deboer and Robertson completed the challenge in under an hour and now all that’s left is to celebrate the feat.

“Probably a good dinner, some whisky and probably going to bed,” said Robertson.

Anytime Fitness of Hickman’s goal was to raise over $500 dollars, which they did and they also plan to match any amount raised to donate.