His moment on the mat

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Grant Fehlhafer is a freshman student manager for the Seward High wrestling team.

On Saturday, a wrestler from Ralston lost his shot at going to state, but then saw Grant and let him have his moment on the mat.

"When he's on the mat, and he has a singlet on, no one looks at his disability...they only look at his ability," Grant's mother Caroline said.

Caroline didn't think Grant would wrestle on Saturday -- even hiding his singlet. But Grant still warmed up throughout the day at districts. Then, Ralston wrestler Austin Middleton lost his match.

"That was really just for him; that was his moment," Austin said.

Grant ended up pinning Austin.

His cousin and assistant coach Austin Fehlhafer said, "This is his freshman year and to see him be so accepted by the wrestling community is awesome and will be cool to see what the next three years bring."

On Monday, Grant was back at practice and said, "Yes, I had fun!"

Caroline said wrestling runs in the family. Gran't dad and uncle were wrestlers and Grant's cousin qualified for state this past weekend.
They also consider the Seward wrestling team an extension to their family.