Holiday shoppers out in full force Thanksgiving night

LINCOLN, Neb. More than 165 million people are expected to shop over the next five days and here in Lincoln Black Friday shoppers were out in full force for the deals.

“Honestly it’s been really calm compared to other years I’ve done,” said Kameron Shelley of Pickrell. “There’s still been a lot of people, a lot of energy.”

Of that 165 million a large bulk of shoppers will be in stores Thursday night and Friday for the official Black Friday. Many shoppers say that the deals are usually worth braving the crowds.

“Tonight has looked pretty easy for us we found a parking spot right as soon as we came in,” said Austin Gronewold of Lincoln. “Everything just kind of went well and there was no heavy lines, over at Walmart it was kind of crazy.”

At SouthPointe Pavilions a new paved parking lot opened Thursday, to give shoppers more places to park for the five day stretch.

“We actually opened 200 additional stalls today around the parking garage area,” said Julie Lattimer the marketing director. “We created those just so people would have a little more opportunity to shop so they can come over the north side now.”

Studies show that younger shoppers are more likely to shop over this weekend and Thursday for a few in Lincoln it even seems like a rite of passage.

“I just turned 16 and it’s my first time driving to Black Friday,” said Madeline Splichal of Lincoln. “I thought it would be fun and we all wanted to go shopping together.”

Many stores are set to open early Friday morning for more deals.