Holiday weekend cleanup

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Fireworks lit up the sky for the better part of the holiday weekend including a massive celebration at Oak Lake Park for the Uncle Sam Jam.

Hundreds of Nebraskans came out for the entertainment and unfortunately they left their mark behind. Thankfully today a group of volunteers showed up to whip the park back into shape.

Three years ago the parks department formed a partnership with Watershed Management and Ecostores Nebraska to make sure that the parks remain in tact following large events like the Uncle Sam Jam. The amount of debris at the parks has gotten much worse over the past couple years but thankfully the number of volunteers has also grown.

Lincoln Fire and Rescue was also at the park collecting unused fireworks. City Fire Inspector Donald Gross tells me that simply throwing the explosives in the trash can lead to unintended ignition and potential dumpster and truck fires.