Homeland Security: 21 of those arrested during criminal investigation in Lincoln released

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LINCOLN, Neb. – An official for Homeland Security confirmed 21 of the 22 people arrested at multiple locations in Lincoln as part of an ongoing criminal investigation on Thursday have been released.

The official said the 21 people were charged with administrative immigration violations and released.

One person remains in custody due to a prior criminal conviction history.

On Thursday, the official said Homeland Security Investigation (HSI), which is a part of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), teamed up with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office to arrest 22 individuals for unrelated administrative immigration violations.

According to the official, of those arrested, 19 of them are from Mexico, 2 from Honduras, and 1 is from Guatemala.

While HSI is part of ICE, it is not responsible for routine immigration enforcement, but handles investigations into criminal activity under federal law, meaning the arrests were not made in connection to immigration enforcement action.

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office confirmed Thursday that 2700 Jamie Lane was a location involved in the investigation. That address is Las Margaritas near 27th and Yankee Hill Road.